It's geeky and we know it, but 3 letters changed the world... PDF.

At Aliro Docs, high professionalism and standardization are essential for the development of our digital society, customers and ourselves. That's why we are represented in the PDF Association at PDF Week in Paris this week. Here, the technical working groups meet to discuss and manage the efforts in relation to the ISO standardization ISO 14289. ISO standardization ISO 14289 (PDF/UA).

Businesses, government agencies, municipalities, institutions and individuals create PDFs to represent significant amounts of important information all the time. All of these PDFs should be made accessible to people with visual impairments.

What is particularly important when it comes to accessible PDFs?

  • ALT text for describing images, graphs, tables etc.
  • A logical structure in the electronic document
  • Organization of page content and sections
  • Color contrasts are essential

Let us help you with accessibility and get in touch today! Leaders in document accessibility - (

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