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At AliroDocs, you have the option to create accessible documents on your own using "Do It Yourself" software such as MadeToTag, axesWord, axesPDF, and axesPLUS. These tools allow you to tag your documents to meet web accessibility laws.

We always recommend that you receive training and introduction from us so that you have the skills to create, validate, and tag accessible documents on your own. With Aliro Training, we can always tailor the instruction to your level and the tools you use concerning web-accessible documents.

How many software licenses do you need to purchase at a minimum? You have the option to buy from one license and upwards, depending on your needs and organization. The most important thing is to get started, ensuring compliance with legislation, and benefiting both your business and your digital presence.

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How do I learn how to use the tools?

With Aliro Training, you'll gain the ability to create, validate, and tag accessible documents yourself. Aliro Training offers courses with both practical and theoretical knowledge for your team, tailored to your needs and tools.

We customize the courses, covering learning paths from beginner to expert, whether teaching axesWord, axesPDF, or MadeToTag. The key is that Aliro Training aligns with your organization or company, empowering you to "Do It Yourself" with software licenses from Aliro Docs. Courses can be conducted at your location or as online sessions.

Our partners
We have a close collaboration with developers of accessibility tools to ensure the latest knowledge and advancements.

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Our tools

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Microsoft Word plugin

One of our "Do-It-Yourself" tools is the software license axesWord, which helps users create fully accessible documents quickly. This software assists in converting your Word documents to accessible PDF files with just one click.

It is developed for a broad audience of MS Word users, meaning everyone can create an accessible PDF document from Word that complies with accessibility requirements in seconds. The process is the same as "Save as PDF."

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Software for PDF Accessibility

axesPDF is designed for users who regularly work with web accessibility and documents. With this software installed on your computer, you can validate and correct accessibility errors, addressing issues in PDFs according to WCAG and PDF/UA standards with just one click.
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Adobe InDesign plugin

MadeToTag is aimed at graphic designers, multimedia designers, webmasters, and communication departments with the desire and resources to do things themselves. This software, based on Adobe InDesign, allows you to create accessible PDF files directly from InDesign using the MadeToTag tool, functioning as a plugin.
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