About Aliro Docs

Aliro Docs is a young company founded in 2022, but its founder and CEO, Jens Bjerre Kirkegaard, has been working with accessibility and documents since 1997 when Statens Information launched the first edition of the "State Standard for Electronic Publishing." Over time, Jens has become one of the leading experts in the field in the Nordic region and the rest of Europe.

The team at Aliro Docs has extensive experience from Scandinavia and abroad when it comes to assisting our clients with document accessibility. The employees in the company are professional specialists in information technology and communication with various specialties. We believe that information and communication should be accessible to all people, regardless of disability, even in a digitized society.

Our business philosophy is that no two solutions are the same. Together with our clients, we find the solution that suits you, which is why we also have a diverse range of products. Nevertheless, we strive to make it easy to choose the right solution as a customer at Aliro Docs, which is clearly illustrated through our 4 business pillars:

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We do it for you

You send your documents to us, and we ensure accessibility.

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Do it yourself

We teach you, so you can tag your documents yourself.

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Accessibility on demand, where users can order directly.

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PDF files in larger volumes are made accessible through automation.

Company philosophy

Our company philosophy centers around providing personal advice and maintaining high service levels. We want our customers to always feel guided, especially when faced with technical complexities. Our close dialogue with customers enables us to keep them ahead. Partnering with Aliro Docs means having peace of mind and experiencing seamless communication. "We make the complicated easy for you."

We focus on delivering high quality, ensuring that with Aliro Docs, you always meet accessibility requirements. Our solutions are thoroughly tested, future-proof, and compliant with applicable laws and standards.

Reliability in delivery is a given, as we always adhere to agreed-upon deadlines – meeting deadlines is crucial for our customers and central to Aliro Docs. Fast and secure delivery is evidently good business for all of us.


    Aliro Docs' purpose is to enhance the quality of life for individuals with visual impairments or disabilities and contribute to a fully inclusive, digitized society.


    We are on a mission to make documents accessible with a commitment to high professionalism and personalized guidance. Our goal is to ensure that individuals who are blind or visually impaired have the same opportunities as everyone else in an increasingly digital society to receive communication and information. 

    "Aliro Docs - if you want to fully achieve accessibility".


    Our vision is to establish equal digital opportunities for people with disabilities or visual impairments, positioning ourselves as the leading company in document and web accessibility in the Nordic region.  


    Everything we do is driven by the desire to provide individuals with visual impairments the opportunity for equality, freedom, and self-determination, just like any other members of society.

    Accessibility: We strive to make working with us and for us easy, eliminating any technical barriers to receiving information or communication for blind or visually impaired individuals.

    Respect: Strong relationships are built on respect, trust, and equality. We engage in all collaborations and relationships with respect, recognizing that it leads to the most significant achievements together.

    Inclusion: We believe in the inclusion of everyone, regardless of ability, in the community. Cooperation, helpfulness, and involvement are the building blocks of a stronger whole – whether as a company, organization, team, or society.

    Innovative: We aspire to be innovative and visionary, actively developing and realizing ideas, products, and solutions that benefit everyone, including society, customers, partners, employees, and people with visual impairments.

    Meet Aliro Docs

    Bossman Jens

    Jens Bjerre Kirkegaard

    CTO & Owner
    Tel. 22 80 70 14

    Photo: Jonas Lambæk

    Jonas Lambæk Thestrup

    Tel. 31 40 33 54

    Photo: Robert Nilsson

    Robert Nilsson

    Tel. 20 62 09 85

    Photo: Britta Grønning

    Britta Grønning

    Senior Instructor
    Tel. 30 29 62 69

    Photo: Jakob Petersen

    Jakob Petersen

    Lead Designer
    Tlf. 28 22 37 45


    Photo: Mads Ejernæs

    Mads Ejrnæs

    Production Technician
    Tel. 41 27 70 83

    Want to know more?

    If you have further questions about accessibility or would like to learn more about how we can help you with document accessibility, please contact us