If you want to test your documents for web accessibility yourself, the PAC 2024 tool is the right tool for you. The PDF Accessibility Checker (PAC) is a free software that can be used to test the accessibility of PDF files. With this tool, users can check for compliance with both PDF/UA and WCAG standards.

At the end of 2023, the Danish Agency for Digitization held a network meeting where, for the first time in Denmark, PAC 2024 was live tested for the network group. Jens Bjerre Kirkegaard from Aliro Docs demonstrated the new user interface and new features in PAC 2024. Watch the presentation here.

Among other things, demonstrations were held here:

  • Green checkmarks are only a result for a fully technically accessible PDF
  • Screen Reader Preview provides an overview of semantics
  • Logical Structure allows you to visually check the reading order
  • PDF/UA check from the Matterhorn protocol
  • WCAG check from Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Contact Aliro Docs if you need help with web accessible documents. We can do it for you or help you become self-sufficient.

Together, let's improve the quality of life for people with visual impairments or disabilities and contribute to a fully inclusive digitalized society now and in the future.

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